10 Beneficial flowers for your garden

10 Beneficial flowers for your garden

Working with these flowers will help the garden tremendously. By adding these to the boarders or even in the garden known also as living mulch you'll noticed you're able to yield more each harvest. from pollinators visiting more often to bringing in beneficial insect's natural beneficial flowers have many benefits here are 10 Flowers add to your garden.

1.) Marigolds: Are both annual and perennial flowers depending what strain of marigold you have. There are over 50 species to choose from, there are a few species of marigolds that aren't edible. Just to keep in mind. It is part of the Herb family.

(Height): It grows (4-48in) tall to (6-24in) wide.

(Benefits): It is known to bring in insects like ladybugs, hover flies, and tiny wasps. There are a couple of marigolds species that aren't edible; but you can still use them to keep insects away. There are a lot of species of Marigolds that are great for stress, aches and pains, sore throat, anti-inflammatory the list goes on. Doing your research on any specific seed or plant is key to learning all benefits that it might encompass.

2.) Nasturtium: Is an annual flower apart of the Herb family.

(Benefits): It has peppery sweet Leafs and flowers which are edible that give off a scent that repels pests like white-flies and many other small insects. When it dies the remaining plant decomposes and feeds the soil giving nutrients back to the soil and micro-organism.

(Height): Growing (12-18in) tall making it a perfect living mulch it is dense as it covers the soil under taller crops.

3.) Lavender: Is a perennial herb part of the mint family, it has light purple blooms.

(Benefits): It repels unwanted insects like mosquitoes, moths, ticks, and flies has many benefits in an out of the garden. The attractive colours /scents bring in pollinators. It is great for stress aches an pains prefer sunny areas but you can place in a shady place as well.

(Height): Growing up to (2-3ft) tall and (5-12in) wide.

4.) Borage: Is a part of the Herb family that is a self-seeding annual plant.

(Height): It can grow up to (2-3ft) tall.

(Benefits): Great for attracting pollinators into your garden such has honeybees, butterflies and tiny wasps. The sent and the fuzz like texture of the leaves repels horn worms and cabbage worms. It is known to be a trap plant, and is great for medical purposes like asthma, fever, cough, depression, aches & pains, an many more.

5.) Dandelions: Are known to be a part of the herb family.

(Benefits): Dandelions are great for attracting ladybugs, honey bees, hover flies, bumblebees an many more. Dandelions are full of antioxidant's that help with your health like boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, relieving stress to your liver, kills cancer cells.

(Height): Each dandelion will grow to (5-40cm)

6.) Cosmos: Are a part of the sunflower family it is an annual plant its seeds will bring the next generation of flower back every year.

(Height): Cosmos can grow up to (1-6ft tall, 1.3ft wide).

(Benefits): Having cosmos in your garden have many benefits to your garden and health from attracting in both pollinators and predatory insects.

The Leaves are also edible, helping with appetite, strengthens bones, improves immune system, natural dialysis, it also cleans out the blood with antioxidants.

7.) Sunflowers: Are annual flowers there a part of the Herb family.

(Height): (1m- 4.5m - 3ft-15ft) tall their leaves can reach (3-12in) wide. The heads of the sunflower can grow (7.5-15cm) sometimes (30cm) wide.

(Benefits): The sunflowers attract pollinators into the garden such as lady bugs, butterfly's, bumble bees, honey bees and many more. The seeds of the sunflower are edible they contain nutrients that help with blood pressure, heart disease they can help boost your energy levels an immune system.

8.) Basil: Are annuals a part of the Herb family

(Height): Basil can grow (15-20cm) (6-8in) Tall

(Benefits): The scent that basil gives off is like a repellent to unwanted insects in your garden. Basil leaves are edible the health benefits range from detoxifies the body helping with liver function, it's great for depression, promotes healthy gut, and overall natural energy boost.

9.) Dill: is a perennial that is part of the Herb family

(Height): dill can grow up to (2-4) ft tall

(Benefits): Dill flowers attract pollinators and predatory insects such as butterflies, bumble bees, ladybugs an many more. dill also helps with digestion, boosts immunity system, maintains bone health, treats respiratory disorders, relieves arthritis pains and much more.

10.) Snap Dragon: are a perennial but some species are annuals it is part of the Herb Family

(height): snapdragons can grow up to 4-9 inches tall and 6-18 inches wide.

(benefits): Snapdragons attract pollinators such as hummingbirds, bumble bees, and honey bees and other predatory insects to your garden. It is great for detoxifying the blood, reducing fevers, treats boils and abscesses, helps sooth minor burns and much more.

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